Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hana Beaman - Rockstar Number 1

Night all,

Currently the time is around 12:23am here in Salt Lake City. Hopefully you're all somewhere earlier (or much later) raging your Sunday night like your Saturday night was spent walking your roommate's labradoodle.. whhaa?

To help your Sunday night, or possibly Monday morning, scene become a little more tolerable we're going to flow a couple shots of Hana Beaman shredding.

Numero one was deep in the backcountry of Brighton while the second was pulled from a shoot (for STANCE!) at June Mountain. Recognize!

Your backyard is disappearing under the white gold if you're in Colorado, Utah, Canada or the far Northwest. Props to that and if you're anywhere else and there's no snow.. enjoy the Stan Evans photo-stoke.

Stan, Jeremy and all the lady shredders in STANCE are ready for another season of slashing..

Keep checking back here for a little visual stoke throughout the coming weeks!!


- Austin

1 comment:

  1. Awesome movie! It's nice to see the progression in women's snowboarding displayed in an entertaining medium such as "Stance." By the way, can anyone tell me the techno song during the Lisa Filzmoser segment of the film? I like it and would like to download it on ITunes.